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3 Essential Packing Tips: Guest Blogger


This week’s guest blogger, Rodan Luo, is a lawyer by day and stylish blogger by night. We can’t get enough of her blog, full of eloquent musings and excellent advice. Since she’s also one of our jetsetter role models (the frequent traveler was most recently in Sayulita, Mexico), she’ll be blogging all week about ways to make travel even more awesome.

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Packing before a big trip can be a stressful process, especially if you are like me and want to be prepared for all weather and event scenarios. Through my experiences traveling, I’ve created a set of three simple rules when packing for longer get-aways.

Rule #1. Bring reading materials. One thing I’ve discovered is that you never know when you are going to be stuck somewhere with no phone reception and no internet access. Recently on a trip to Asia, I had to get from Gili, a remote island off of Bali, Indonesia to Hong Kong. That day, I traveled by donkey, boat, plane, and train, and I was more than thankful that I had a good ‘ol book in hand to keep me company during my 14 hour commute. I suggest picking up Social Animal by David Brooks or Imagine by Jonah Lehrer for some reading to take your mind off how queasy or bored you might be.

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Points 1 & 3 are common sense. As someone who’s been traveling pretty much since I could walk, keeping myself occupied on the plane and feeling comfortable after I get off the plane are key. Especially if the flights involve long-haul flights over an ocean. Seriously. I once saw a woman all dressed up and in at least 3-inch heels on a flight from Tokyo to San Francisco (~10 hours nonstop). Crazy. Granted, she could have taken her heels off and changed to slippers on the plane, but in a nice dress with fancy hair? That’s pretty much a no-go in economy class. People are just gonna give you weird looks and think you’re stuck up.

I’m not so sure I agree with point 2. If you’re an overpacker like my sister, sure. If you’re more of a realistic/underpacker like me, then no. The only things I take extra are underwear and socks. The rest can be re-worn or washed during the trip. (Or buy new once you’re at your destination if you ruin something.)

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